Product Origin:Made in Turkiye

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Price Unit:By Cans

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10 Cans
Each Cans Weight14 kg plastic cans.

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Product Descriptions
Techinical Data
Product Descriptions


One-component, self-flowing liquid, ready-to-use, UV-resistant, solvent and isocyanate-free, high-tech coating and waterproofing material produced with silane-tipped, alpha-hybrid polymer technology.


 Medium flexibility.
 Can be stepped on the application area when QIS POLIMES HB dry.
 It preserves its elasticity and adhesion properties in cracks and joints caused by the vibration of the building.
 Excellent recovery feature.
 It adheres perfectly even to damp surfaces without primer and provides high adherence.
 It does not contain solvents and isocyanates that are harmful to the environment and human health.
 It can be used easily indoors and even in the places contains drinking water.
 UV resistant, does not crack, turn pales or flows down. It can be used outdoors safely.
 It is applied easily and quickly with a brush or roller as jointless.
 It is 100% elastomeric, does not contain solvent, so it does not lose volume. After curing, it retains its elasticity even at low temperatures
 It can be painted over.


Where to use?


 Indoor and outdoor,
 balconies, terrace roofs, stepping places,
 concrete, stone, marble, ceramic, tile, all kinds of wood, glass, metal, tile, brick, concrete board, thermo stones etc.,
 repairing of cracks up to 2 mm
 wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens,
against  moisture in places under the ground level such as foundations, garages, basements,waterproofing or local repair of horizontal surfaces thanks to its 

self-leveling feature and its easy application feature with a roller or brush
 sloping roofs, wooden and metal surfaces that require waterproofing;
 joints of chimney, ventilation and light domes.


How to use?


 The application surface must be cleaned of dust, oil, tar, pitch, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and mold oils, etc.
 Weak parts of the concrete should be repaired with QIS REPFIX,

 Waste plasters should be removed, the surface should be made smooth and sound, cracks in the building should be repaired with QIS QLATEX plaster or QIS Mortar.
 Dynamic (moving) cracks should be filled with QIS POMA 35 polyurethane sealants.
 Water inflow holes should be plugged with QIS PLUG.
 There is no need to use primer under normal conditions.
 Corners should be properly chamfered.

 QIS POLIMES HB is ready to use. Do not add or dilute any external substance.

 Mix it before use. QIS POLIMES HB is cut straight from its special aluminum package with scissors in the form of a triangle from the top corner and poured directly onto the surface.
 It is applied to the surface with a brush or roller.
 QIS POLIMES HB is applied to the surface in at least two layers perpendicular to each other.
 It is necessary to wait between 6-12 hours between layers. The second layer can be applied when the first layer becomes walkable. If you want to a smooth finish at the borders of the application area, the specified area can be surrounded with masking tape. Masking tape should be removed no more than 5 minutes after application.
The application area can be opened to walk after 24-48 hours, final curing takes place after 7 days.
 The packages are designed for single use. When opened, it should be consumed completely within the specified time. 
 Do not add water or thinning solvent to the product externally. 
 After the application, the surface should be protected from water, rain, dew, frost and snow until it is completely dry.








Techinical Data