Product Origin:Made in Turkiye

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Price Unit:By Cans

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10 Cans
Each Cans Weight25 Kg

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Product Descriptions
Techinical Data
Product Descriptions

QIS POBIMAX 1K 1000 is a single component, thixotropic, bitumen polyurethane based liquid waterproofing material. It forms an elastic film layer by adhering strongly to the surface.Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications


 Thixotropic formulation. 
 Easy to apply (with brush or roller).
 Jointless application provides complete isolation does not allow leakage.
 Elastomeric hydrophobic structure.

 High resistant to cold. The film maintains its elasticity down to -40°C.
 It has a breathing structure. It does not create moisture under the layer.
 Even if the QIS POBIMAX 1K 2000 is damaged in any way, the damaged part can be easily repaired in a short time.
 Ideal for vertical applications, it does not flow down.

 Black colour


Where to use?


 Terraces, roofs, balconies.
Wet areas undertiles, bathrooms, kitchens etc.
 Gypsumboards, concrete panels.
 Industrial areas.
 Concrete structures.


How to use?


 Before the application, the surface should be cleaned from substances that prevent adhesion such as dust, oil, paint, curing.
 The moisture content on the surface should not be over 4%. 
 Concrete must have been applied at least 28 days ago. 
 Before the application, the surface must not be watered and the surface  must be dry.
 QIS POBIMAX 1K 1000 is poured on to the surface and applied with a roller.
 The second layer is applied within 6-24 hours. The material is applied without synthetic mesh.
 Mesh can be used on the edges and corners. 
 If mesh is used, material is applied to the surface first. The mesh is  placed into the material by pressing, and then the application is completed by applying the material on it again.







Techinical Data