Product Origin:Made in Turkiye

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Price Unit:By Cans

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20 Cans
Each Cans Weight2 kg -10 kg Metal Cans

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Product Descriptions
Product Descriptions

QIS PUSHER is a silica-silicate-based, transparent and water-repellent material that impregnates the surfaces of buildings and imparts water  repellency.



 Strong water repellency and high penetration.
 Protection without changing the appearance of exterior coatings.
 Difficult contamination and easy cleaning.
 It allows breathing for the building walls.


Where to use?


 Decorative brick,
 Concrete and plaster,

 Yellowstones and gypsumboards,
 Absorbent textures like natural stone,
 On less absorbent surfaces such as marble and granite,
 In the protection of the facades of historical monuments against atmospheric effects,
 It is used as a protective material for water absorbing surfaces with a certain slope, reducing water absorbency and preventing contamination.


How to use?


 The surface should be free of bubbles and dust, loosened and peeled paints and unstable loose parts.
 Cracks on the surface should be corrected with special repair mortars and putties.
 There should be no moisture stains on the surface and it should appear dry.
 Application surface and ambient temperature should be between +5°C and +30°C.
 It should not be applied on frozen (or at risk of frost within 24 hours) or melting surfaces.
 QIS PUSHER should be applied without thinning with a spray, roller or brush until the surface is saturated.
 If the surface is absorbent, the second coat should be applied after a maximum of 4 hours.
 If the surface is less absorbent, the material should be applied in one layer.
 Be careful that the material does not flow on the surface.
 Tools should be cleaned with water after application.
 Consumption 150-200 ml/m²