Product Origin:Made in Turkiye

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Price Unit:By Cans

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10 Cans
Each Cans Weight25 kg Metal Cans

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Product Descriptions
Product Descriptions

QIS BRAS is a chlorine rubber-based matte paint with high abrasion resistance, used for road and pavement markings.



 High adhesion strength
 Quick drying
 Friction resistant
 No color change


Where to use?


 In marking road lines,
 On asphalt surfaces,
 In painting the paving stones,

 In parking lot markings,
 On concrete surfaces,
 On old painted surfaces,


How to use?

 Before applying QIS BRAC, the surface area must be cleaned of dust, dirt, chips, etc. materials and the surface must be completely dry.
 In painting the paving stones, priority should be given to the broken and missing parts, they should be corrected or replaced.
 In marking the road lines, application should not be made on loose ground, worn surfaces.
 The application should be carried out in environmental conditions without precipitation and wind, by applying the environment and asphalt 
temperature under a minimum of 15ºC and a humidity of maximum 85%, to a clean and dry asphalt surface.

 The application area should be protected from pedestrian and vehicle traffic before it has completed its final drying (45 minutes at 25ºC).
 If glass beads are to be applied, the glass beads should be added to the paint at a right angle to the light coming from any source, and should be added immediately after the paint is applied, during the application phase in order to ensure brightness and therefore road safety, especially in night visions.

 When the material is first applied to the road, the glass beads are invisible and after a while they appear with the abrasion of the traffic. Over time, they look as reflectors and road lines take on a bright appearance.
 Glossy surfaces must be roughened before application.
 For ideal surface performance, glass beads should be added to the product and the application must be done with an airless system.
 During the application and until the complete drying of the products, the ambient and surface temperature should be between +5°C and +30°C.