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Product Descriptions
Techinical Data
Product Descriptions

QIS ACRIMAX UV is an acrylic, elastomeric resin-based,one-component, water-based, UV-resistant, elastic waterproofing coating. 


 Single component and easy to apply.

 High adhesion power to cement-based surfaces.

 Prevents carbonization on the concrete surface.
 Creates a jointless and seamless coating.
 Provides impermeability.
 Since it has an elastic structure, it covers the micro cracks in the structure.
 It does not block the steam flow

 Provides a good appearance.

 Prevents corrosion that may occur in the structure.Resistant to freeze-thaw.

 It can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
 It is not harmful or flammable. It does not contain solvent. UV resistant



Where to use?

 All cement based screed, plaster,
 Indoors and outdoors,
 On exposed concrete, slabs, in places exposed to atmospheric and 
 aggressive external effects, in structures exposed to solvent salt effects,
On building exteriors,
 In vertical and horizontal applications,
 On terraces,roofs,
 As a content of concrete, zinc and precast streams.


How to use?

 The application surface must be very clean and free from dust, oil, cure, etc. 
 Cracks and damaged places on the application surface should be repaired.
 Before application, the surface should be primed with QIS PRIM 100.
 The product can also be used as a primer by adding the same amount of water by weight to the product itself .
 After the primer application, it should be left to dry for at least 1 hour (20°C). 


The material should be mixed in its own container before use. (400-600 rev/min.)The first coat can be applied by mixing with a mixer for 3-5 minutes.The material can be applied to the surface with a brush, roller or airless spray.

The application should be done in at least 2 layers. The coats should be applied perpendicular to each other.The second layer should be applied within 3-6 hours (20°C) after the first layer dries. In applications, the thickness of each layer should not exceed 1.5 mm.After application, the product should be protected from all external effects for at least 2 days.

According to the absorbency rate of the surface, 500-750 gr/m²Average consumption;

For 1 mm dry film thickness: 1.50 kg /m²

In gutters and creeks: 3-4 kg /m²

On terraces: 2-3 kg /m²









Techinical Data